Google Glass Release Date: Device Judged Not Suitable for Children Under 13


Google Glass, which is currently being tested by developers, is not for children. While the product is still in early development, special caution is given to children, particularly those under 13 years of age as it could harm developing vision.

The FAQ page for Google Glass mentions that Google Glass is not for everyone. It states: “Don't let children under 13 use Google Glass as it could harm developing vision." It is straightforward to understand, as the technology which projects an image into the user’s right eye is not indestructable either. For example, Google mentions that while Glass is robust, it must be handled with care and can be broken. For this reason as well, Glass is not for children under 13 as "kids might break Glass or hurt themselves."

The CBBC Newsround asked Professor Bernard Chang, consultant eye surgeon at Leeds and honorary secretary of the Royal College of Opthalmologists, his thoughts about the affect of Google Glass on children. Professor Chang said the reason Google was advising on this particular age group is because "Google has not done research into the effects of this device in children of this age group and are worried it may harm visual development." Chang went on to add that while this warning may have been necessary, it is not likely that a child’s vision will be impaired by use. He said: "By the age of seven to eight years, a child’s eyesight will have fully matured … at this age there really is very little difference in a child's eye and adult's eye." Of course, Google must also do its part to make sure everyone is satisfied and comfortable with the product, so caution for children under 13 years was not completely unwarranted.

Google mentions on the FAQ page for Google Glass that it is not suitable for everyone and offers people the chance to return it before the end of the refund period. It is recommended that those who have had Lasik surgery speak with their doctor prior to using Glass. Google Glass is a technological innovation; however, this does not mean that there are no warnings or side effects which may come along with using it. Safety and proper usage are the chief concern with products such as this, especially where users' eye health is concerned. Google Glass is expected to be released to the public in 2014.