Minnesota Legalizes Gay Marriage: Love Is In the Air, and There Is No Stopping It


It took four hours of debating but it finally happened. Minnesota is now the 12th state to have legalized gay marriage.  According to Think Progress, the vote was close and was mostly along partisan lines. Only three Democrats voted against the bill.  While members of the house were discussing it, Republicans tried to use religious arguments to make changes to the law.

"Throughout the discussion, conservative opponents attempted to amend the bill to create religious exemptions from the state's nondiscrimination protections. These efforts would have allowed private businesses like bakers, florists, and photographers — which are not inherently religious — to willfully deny service to same-sex couples. These attempts to legalize discrimination failed," reports  Zack Ford at Think Progress.

Delaware and Rhode Island already recognized same-sex couples this year, which makes Minnesota a steady third. Many are expecting Illinois to be next.

Love is in the air, and it looks like there's no stopping it.

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