IRS Scandals: To Prevent Another One, Abolish the IRS and Replace It With Fairtax


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is known for its bullying tactics. In its zeal the government agency has harassed celebrity taxpayersruined ordinary people's lives, and most recently became an agent of the Obama administration's fight against conservative or patriotic political action groups. Any citizen concerned with government abuse or integrity must rally behind a call to eliminate the IRS altogether. To eliminate the American Gestapo, we must repeal the income tax and the 16th Amendment. Then we can institute the Fairtax (H.R. 25) in the House, and reclaim a huge amount of jealously guarded power currently in the hands of a runaway government.

Politicians from both side prattle on, and do nothing, about tax reform. Right now in Congress is a bill that would eliminate the income tax and the IRS. The Fairtax (H.R. 25) is a national sales tax that taxes all retail transactions once at the final point of sale. There are no forms to fill out. The measure proactively issues a prebate to offset the cost of necessities up to the poverty line. That feature alone targets the lowest income earners and ensures that they aren't taxed on food and shelter. Most importantly, the Fairtax slices away a huge amount of power from Congress by keeping them (and the IRS) from using the tax code to reward or punish their opponents. 

dditionally, the Fairtax will safeguard your privacy. As the IRS is eliminated, the annual dossier is no longer updated. As a practical exercise, take out the last 10 years of your tax returns. You can quickly garner where you have lived and/or worked, when you changed jobs, how many kids you have, when the kids were born or moved out, when you got married, when you got a raise, if you rent, if you bought a house, if you attend school and how much you paid to attend, your favorite charities, and on, and on ... Imagine an IRS already known to abuse its authority deciding that your information was now a weapon. Imagine your tax returns being sold to a third party. Right now the IRS criminal investigators routinely collaborate with the  FBI and other agencies using personal tax information. The Fairtax eliminates this threat.

Normally when one calls for the abolition of a government agency it is only so much hot air. But, from time to time a reality-based solution presents itself. The agency that must go is the IRS. The reality-based solution is the Fairtax. Currently there are 63 co-sponsors. You need to get your representative on that list and move this legislation forward. For a change, the good guys can win one.