Valentine's Day Spending: Average of $120 per Person


How much should you spend on Valentine's Day? Before you spend anything, make sure to read PolicyMic pundit Adeline Lambert's piece, "The Dark Side of Valentine’s Day Flowers and Chocolates: Exploitation of Adults and Children." The average person who celebrates V Day spends $120.

A bit much, right? Well that's the price of love.

PolicyMic pundit Amy Zhang writes, "Look at our Valentine's Day in the 21st Century, observe the commercialization, the prim codes of conduct. According to, males spend an average of $169 per order on Valentine's gifts in the United States. The top buys? Earings and bracelets. Then, look how it's packed into one day, trivializing all the loving in the other 364. And even with the current progress of gay marriage rights in California, popular culture continues to depict a man and woman on cards, in films, in ads."

The infogrpahic below also has a few other fun facts:

- Americans spends $13 billion on average annually on Valentine's Day.

- 15% of women will send themselves flowers on Valentine's Day.

- As a ratio, there are 120 single men to 100 single women (crushing).