5 TV Couples That Took Forever to Get Together


There are always those TV we root for. Through their ups and downs, we just know they’ll end up together in the end. Some couples get right to the point — they put all their issues and insecurities aside and just admit they love each other.

Other couples, however, like making our lives miserable. Some of television's most iconic couples are the ones who couldn't even stay together for just one season.

1.  Big and Carrie from Sex and the City


Just thinking of the Mr. Big-Carrie Bradshaw situation gives me a headache. Their relationship was so famous, there’s a special diagnosis for woman like Carrie: The Mr. Big Syndrome. Who doesn’t love a bad boy who stands you up, breaks your heart and (lest we forget) leaves you at the alter in a fabulous peacock wedding dress? Carrie Bradshaw does. Whether or not you’ve had a Mr. Big in your life, we all felt Carrie’s pain and rooted for her happy ending, no matter how many times she screwed up.

2. Ross and Rachel from Friends


The only couple as unbelievable as Mr. Big and Carrie Bradshaw was Ross Geller and Rachel Green. Fans waited a decade for these two. In the second season, they finally got together, only to break up the following year, after Ross had a one-night stand because he thought they were on a break. Oh, and remember that time they were “on a break?” Or when Ross said the wrong woman’s name at his wedding?

To be honest, by the middle of the series, I was watching The Ross and Rachel Show”; every episode was heart-wrenching and stressful. They got married while they were drunk in the fifth season, followed by a baby in the eighth, but it wasn’t until the series finale that the couple finally decided to set aside their differences. As Phoebe so eloquently put it, “He’s her lobster.” 

3. Barney and Robin from How I Met Your Mother

I have to admit I didn’t see this one coming, but once I did, it seemed so obvious. When they broke up, that seemed like the obvious thing to do, too. Despite what others believe, I never liked the whole Ted-Robin situation; every time they’d give it another go, I’d die a little inside. Robin and Barney are too perfect. They accept each other for who they are, love a good scotch and are both legen … wait for it … dary. Even though it took eight seasons for them to get engaged, it still didn’t take as long as it did to find out who Ted’s wife is.

4. Jim and Pam from The Office


First he had the super crush. Then she fell for him. After a lot of flirting, they finally defined their relationship a whole four seasons later. The Office fans waited entirely too long for this, but wasn’t it worth the wait? They’re so super adorable. 

5. Derek and Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy

As if watching handfuls of people die every episode, a gunman in the hospital, George getting run over by a bus and dying, and Izzie being diagnosed (and beating) cancer wasn’t enough drama for one show, Derek and Meredith’s relationship used up whatever emotional energy I had left.

Every episode, I willingly let my heart get repeatedly torn out of my chest, as something even more stupid kept them apart. Even more frustrating was the fact that there was nothing substantial keeping them apart — just their inability to admit they need each other. And much like these two, they couldn’t even get married normally, choosing to sign a Post-It note declaring their undying love and commitment to each other.