T.C. Williams High School Prom: Media Is Making a Disgusting Scene Of It


At T.C. Williams High School (you know, Remember the Titans?) in Alexandria, Virginia, a female student was nominated for Prom King and a male student was nominated for Prom Queen, causing controversy in the media. 

But why is this such a big deal?

People in the T.C. Williams community have fallen on both sides of the issue over the two students, who will remain unnamed. Some have asserted that, since it’s what both the male and female student wanted and that since they both accepted their nominations, people should be supportive. However, others say that having a guy running against a girl for Prom Queen is “unfair” to the women running and it doesn’t give them a fair shot.


The male student has said that he’s uncomfortable with the publicity and is highly considering dropping out of the contest, even though earlier he had expressed his interest in running. He’s currently one of the top three finalists. There’s no word on the female contestant, or her standing in the race for Prom King.


Honestly, I think that if the gender role reversal is going both ways in this situation, where a girl is nominated for Prom King and a boy is nominated for Prom Queen, then this really shouldn’t be a problem. I think it’s ridiculous that the male student feels demonized by his female peers for “stealing away the competition” over a competition that really isn’t going to make that big of a difference in their futures. In fact, it’s kind of petty. This shouldn't be the huge controversy that it's made out to be, to the point where the media attention around it has made the male student uncomfortable enough to strongly consider dropping out of the race.

Moreover, if the male wanted to run for Prom Queen, and if the female student wanted to run for Prom King, and both were nominated and accepted their nominations, then they shouldn’t feel pressured by the media to drop out. Besides, if the female student wanted to run for Queen, and if the male student wanted to run for King, they would have. But they didn’t. And their choice should be respected. 

Sure, there's a chance that people are taking it as a joke, but as senior Mariah Frank told ABC 7 News, "If that's what they want to do, I think we should be supportive of it ... I personally know both people, the girl running for king and the guy running for queen, and they're great people."

I actually think that it’s pretty cool that these kids felt open enough to take upon this gender role reversal, and that they have some fellow students and community members supporting them. And I think it's also awesome that this guy has made it to the top three finalists.

Besides, even if this male student wins Prom Queen, it doesn’t really matter, because we all know who the real queen is:


Do you agree? Or do you think that it’s inappropriate that a male is running for Queen and a female is running for King? Comment and let me know!