#FitchTheHomeless: This Dude Wants to Give A&F Clothes to the Destitute, But It's Offensive

So Mike Jeffries CEO of Abercombie and Fitch is a total punk. He refuses to sell clothes to anyone who's butt doesn't fit into a medium and prefers to burn clothes rather than donate them to charity. What can we do about it? Well one dude believes that if we give our A&F clothes away to the homeless, we can get back to Jeffries by turning it into the brand of the bums.

I'm all for burning this company with boycotts and petitions, but this campaign is just flat out offensive. Shouldn't we collectively prefer to get back at Jeffries by refusing to buy his products, rather than "tarnish" his brand by giving it away to the homeless? By implying that these people wearing A&F clothes would be "getting back" at the CEO, this man is implying that the homeless are inherently odious or lesser. I think there are better ways to let A&F know how we feel without belittling the dispossessed.

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