Google Maps Update: Redesigned + Tons of Features

Ahead of the Google I/O some screenshots of the redesigned Google Maps interface have been released. The map service has been redesigned to fit in with Google Now's sleek look and will have a more full-screen experience. Perhaps the best part of the new redesign is that the maps will learn from you over time. What does that mean? Google Maps will be truly customized, depending on where you are and how you use them. As you search for places, leave reviews or star locations, the map will learn from you and can make suggestions based off of your past history. 

Here are some screen grabs of the new service, it's easy to see that functionality has increased substantially. 

Another new feature is 'Flight Search' which will help you to locate flights and prices.

More transportation options:

Other added features: 

Enhanced Google Earth views help individuals to explore and understand their world:

Google Earth is now fully integrated into Google Maps so you don't need to install that plug-in anymore (finally!).

The Google I/O will be broadcast live beginning at 9:00am PST/12:00pm EST from San Francisco