Guess Which Ivy League College Still Has a Whites-Only Scholarship?


Columbia University is known for its excellent curriculum, its outstanding student body and now you can add a 'caucasian-only' scholarship to the list. Created in 1920, after a donor by the name of Lydia C. Roberts gave a chunk of her estate to the university, the scholarship can only be given to a white student who is from Iowa. Law students are excluded from the grant, and only those who plan to return to Iowa for two years were eligible. None of these regulations can be changed without a court order, which makes them still technically applicable today. The Daily Beast estimates that the scholarship is worth about $800,000 but report that it hasn't been awarded since 1997. No word yet on whether these regulations were actually followed. 

It's pretty clear that in 2013, it's outrageously racist to have a scholarship like this, even if it's just in Columbia's books.  Since almost 40% of students are white and only 13.1% are black, a scholarship that gives an advantage to Caucasians is preposterous. Then again, there are groups entirely devoted to delivering white males from the unilateral oppression they face in the education system. This guy wants schools to offer scholarships for "poor white men only."

Sure, only a few decades ago, white males were the only segment of the population who were even allowed to attend schools, but since evil affirmative action made it easier for talented minorities to achieve higher education, it's been all downhill for Caucasians across the board! It's not because the wealth gap between white and minority households has tripled between 1984 and 2009 that we should do anything to even out the playing field for the children who are born into these families. Let's just let nature run its course and let all of the pervasive inequalities become even more entrenched.

Big fat face-palm.

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