Google Android Release: 4.3 Confirmed by Developer Website

Though the widely anticipated Key Lime Pie update won't be released today, news of the Android 4.3 update is all but confirmed via the Google Developers search listing as uncovered by TheVerge today. 

What will the 4.3 Jelly Bean update include? Well no one really knows to be honest, though there are some pretty good rumors out there. People are expected to see compatibility with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which would help to save on energy and work with other devices like smartwatches. There will be slight changes to the UI, really the major changes will come in with the enhanced apps to Google suite. Google Play Gaming, which is set to compete with Apple's Gaming Center, will likely be a large part of the update. The other large change discussed in the rumor mill is synching across messaging platforms. Developed under the codename 'Babel', this service would bring together all of Google's messaging services into one platform.