Nexus 4: Will See Minimal Updates at Google I/O

If you were expecting some exciting updates to Nexus 4, well stop it right now, because it isn't happening. The flagship smartphone for Google was released in October. Far from seeing a bran new Nexus 4 what we will probably get is a mid-cycle upgrade. There are also rumors that a white Nexus 4 phone will be released in part, due to images like this one: 

The Nexus 4 is likely to be relaunched as an upgrade available with 32GB of storage with 4G LTE and CDMA support. That would be a huge improvement to what consumers currently have available to them which is either 8GB or 16GB. 

The Google I/O kicks off at Google's Mountain View office in California. The conference is set to start 9am PT and 12pm ET. It will be broadcast live on YouTube via the Google Developer channel.