5 Women Who Should Host the White House Correspondents' Dinner


This won't be surprising, but Washington is sexist. The White House Correspondents' dinner was last month, and while Conan did adequately and the president mocked himself with characteristic goodwill, there was one thing missing. Well, many things missing, namely women.

This is par for the course for the WHCD, though. Though the dinner began in 1920, it wasn't until 1962 (after a threat from President Kennedy) that the association even allowed women to attend the dinner. Hosts and performers became a tradition in 1944, but not until 1992 did a woman host by herself, and not until 2009 was this repeated. There are many funny women who could do a great job hosting, and here are some suggestions. They're not in the boys' club, but they sure can make fun of it.

1. Tina Fey

After a solid stint on Weekend Update, a critically-acclaimed (if publicly ignored) TV show, a viral political impersonation and a best-selling book, no one doubts Fey's ability to create incisive and politically salient comedy. Here she is ad-libbing, and killing it. Just think what she could do with the resources of the WHCD.

2. Amy Poehler

Oh, Amy. Parks and Recreation is now the best comedy on television and it has both comedy and political chops. Here Amy is meeting her hero/ultimate fantasy man Vice President Biden. Poehler's droll humor and commitment to characters makes a her a deadly force in the world of satire (see: her Hillary Clinton impersonation).

3. Margaret Cho

*Vulgar Language Warning*

Margaret Cho says the things you don't want to say, or didn't have the endlessly gross vocabulary to say. Here she is post Bush's re-election going on about, well, some insane thought she has, that ends up being hilarious. Again, the language is very coarse, but she would be quite the firebrand at a WHCD. 

4. Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen might be the most universally adored public figure in the world besides Elmo. She's funny, sharp, and biting in a way that seems non-chalant. She could do a perfect WHCD, and plus, you know there would be dancing.

5. Sarah Silverman

*Vulgar Language Warning*

Silverman is an outspoken political voice, and while she may make a lot of people angry, she definitely has a style that has punch. Get her in a room with a bunch of "Washington Elites" and see how sparks would fly.