Amy's Baking Company: Social Media Sees One Of It's Greatest Meltdowns Of the Year


Amy’s Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro of Scottsdale, Ariz., is under fire from trollers en masse.

The first tongue-lashing was from the world's foremost expert on yelling at bad chefs, Gordon Ramsay, for their sub par food and service. The petulant celebrity chef featured them on last week’s episode of Kitchen Nightmares, wherein he walked out of the restaurant prematurely before "rescuing" the kitchen.

The haranguing sparked folks from the internet’s various hecklers ranging from Reddit, Facebook, and the like. Amy’s Bakery’s yelp page went from about 30 reviews to over 1,000 in just a few days, with posts running the gamut from the sarcastic to the downright scathing.

Although most businesses would do anything in their power to coax the web-fury, accept criticism, and generally mitigate the controversy, Amy and Sammy Bouzaglo, the restaurant’s owners, have been keen to do the exact opposite.

On Facebook the Bouzaglos responded to the trolls with caps-locked tirades, which, ironically enough, are a time-honored tradition of internet trolls. In this posts, they invoked the powers of God, lawsuits, and “the next generation of truthfulness” to defend their questionable business. These proclamations of superiority to their “haters and sinners” were the biggest logs for the flame, and soon the Facebook page was shut down.

“Obviously, our facebook … was hacked,” the last post claimed. After that they attempted to release a “clean” reboot of the Facebook page, but still, retained the profanity and caps-lock, which indicates that it was not hacked.

The takeaway lesson from this particular controversy is a rather simple: People should be able to take criticism. The Bouzaglos were stubborn as they could be in face of derision, and their flailing made them chum for the sharks.

“Sammy and Amy think the whole world is out to get them,” Said a former server of the personae-non-gratta on Kitchen Nightmares. By nurturing an attitude like that, they were actually proven right.