300 Steamy Love Letters Detailing a World War II Affair Make Their Internet Debut


It was love at first sight for doctor Brian Thomas when he met nurse Katie Walker while they were both posted in Graz, Austria, during World War II.

Some 300 Letters written between the two were found by their daughter, Loraine Fergusson, hidden in Katie’s bottom drawer after her death in 2009. As a tribute to their love, Loraine has been posting those love letters along with their black and white photos on the blog With love from Graz.

With passages like "Darling one, it's just as well you aren't here as you would probably have to spank me hard - but what a heavenly spanking!" You would be forgiven for falling headfirst into this romance 70 years in the making.

The letters detail the 8-month separation the two endured while Brian attempted to secure a divorce from his wife in Britain. While the tale does have the classic ups and downs you’d expect of a Nicholas Sparks novel, Brian and Katie aren’t the bad guys- when the two met, Brian was broken hearted after receiving a "Dear John" type send-off from his wife back home because she met someone new.

“Dear Sir

Brian and Katie did marry, moved to Herefordshire, U.K., had two children, and lived a happy life together until 1983 when Brian died. Katie lived a further 26 years broken-hearted, and passed away in 2009. 

The blog is an endearing tribute to a time gone by; the richness and vividness of the letters make you feel like you are living through triumphs and tragedies along with them.

At times when I’m writing I get an awful pent up frustrated feeling… When you write to me, it seems that you come right close to me as I read them …

With the world spinning faster, and one fiasco after another demanding our attention; take some time and read through this sweet and steamy love story.

"Darling, I’m terribly glad to hear your tummy has completely settled and I don’t care how fat you get – I'll just adore every spare tyre you acquire – there’ll be all the more of you to grab and cuddle."

How can you not love a man who says sweet things like that? 

"After saying so firmly that I wasn’t going to write I know find myself doing it – how typically feminine my excuse will be that I had to let you know of our safe arrival but in actual fact I’m in the throes of a big “miss”. I have done nothing but miss you terribly darling ever since we left Graz and can only console myself with the thought that I shall be seeing you again on Monday. Really my sweet it is a very bad state of affairs to feel so horribly cut in half when one leaves someone else - that I suppose always happens with usses."