17 Things You Never Knew You Could Do On the Internet


There are millions and millions of websites and web services available online. However, most of them suck. Therefore, I decided to go out and find some that might be worthwhile bookmarking and returning to. I hope that I have found something for everyone and look forward to your feedback. Oh, by the way, they are all FREE!

1. Bored? Thousands of flash games that you can play free, every day, all day!

2. Need to figure something out? There’s always YouTube but you may also want to wander over to videojug  where you will find over 60,000 FREE, professionally produced how to videos and guides.

3. Want to buy a ring online and are stumped? All you need is your driver’s license (or credit card) and a ring for comparison. Don’t have a ring to compare? Use the site’s virtual ruler. http://findmyringsize.com/

4. Need to create a map for a project, article, directions, etc.? Head on over here and become a cartographer

5. Want to buy glasses online and your doctor did not include the pupillary distance in your prescription? Have no fear Warby Parker is here!

6. Need to send files or folders and are restrained by file size? Drop Box not working for you? Then shoot on over to pando where you can send up to 1GB free!

7. You can usually find airplane seat maps on a particular airline's website, but SeatGuru makes it easy to search for the perfect seat by keying in your airline and specific flight number. User-submitted comments make the site particularly useful, you can find out about legroom, armrests and more.

8. Computer not cooperating? Techguy gives you free tech support.

9. Don’t have a 3D printer? Head on over to shapeways and bring your ideas to reality.

10. Need a personal assistant for some mundane task? Check out Task Rabbit and help is on the way!

11. Want to send an anonymous email, SMS, or text? Sneak on over to sharpmail and let it rip! Did I say everything was free? Well in this case, I lied .... 

12. To make it up to you for number 11 I found a site that lists FREE wifi spots worldwide. Beam me up Scotty!

13. How about some free Ivy League classes? Check out MIT Open Course Ware and become an amateur Physicist! Stephen Hawkings move over!

14. Want to time travel? Visit the way back machine!

15. Have a Penguin fetish? Satisfy it in Antarctica

16. If politics is your thing, monitor how members of congress vote on bills, issues, and policies. Enter your ZIP code and find your senator or representative.

17. Are you a student that could use some tutoring or a parent that feels their child could? Then Kahn Academy is for you!

That’s all Folks! Happy surfing….