5 Most Bizarre iPad Products


It's true, the iPad is a cool piece of tech. The flat, light-weight screen can hold thousands of books or images and provide us access to the vast internet with just a subtle tap and finger gesture. Like other cool or important inventions before it, the iPad can have greater unintended social impact than just the device itself, by inspiring complimentary innovations to support, improve or service it. Consider the jobs created in building roads, gas and service stations in support of the mass produced automobile. 

Sometimes these innovations really do fulfill a consumer and societal need, but sometimes they’re just contrived trinkets and fads in our consumer culture.

1. Power Flask: $89.95

Who among us hasn’t been left out in the cold with an iPad that ran out of battery juice, just when you need it? It’s enough to make you turn to the bottle. This power flask does not double as a beverage carrier, sadly, but it does have the power to charge three i-devices at the same time.

2. The Thi-Pad: $24.95

Truly hands free, "The tablet stand that has a leg up on all the others."

3. The iTypewriter

If you love the sleek, high tech feel of your iPad but still long for the old time feeling of mechanical, ribbon ink impressions. Then the iTypewriter is for you. You could just go and get a typewriter for literally $15 dollars on eBay, but whatever floats your boat. 

4. iClothing

If I see you walking around with a big digital rectangle tucked away in your sleek and sexy shirt pouch … I will first shake my head, and then walk over to shake your hand. 

5. The iPoop: $99.95

Now you can check international news and read books on your iPad 5, while doing #2. It’s called the "commode caddy" and it’s basically a stand that holds both a roll of toilet paper and the iPad; how convenient. Just remember to grab the right one when it’s time to wipe.


What these products show us, other than the zany imagination of some inventive people, is that the iPad — and tablets generally — have become a major part of our lives. Some have stood in protest of the iPad and of Apple’s global labor practices; others have used it as digital signage during popular protest. Most of us use tablets everywhere and in every way … as a lightweight portable apparatus to access the digital and online world with ease.