The Office Finale: 10 Things We've Learned From The Office

The last episode of The Office will air tonight (sobs!) so it's time to look back at the last nine seasons of the show and see what we've learned.

1. There's No Such Thing As Loving Your Coworkers Too Much.

2. Sometimes It Can Be Hard To Have Conversation With Some Of Them.

3. When You Cook For Your Coworkers, It's The Intention That Counts.

4. Bosses Should Treat The Human Resources Department More Kindly.

5. Sometimes Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

6. Don't Believe Everything Your Boss Says.

7. Saying The Word Bankruptcy Doesn't Actually Do Anything.

8. Always Prank Your Coworkers.

9. Office Romances Put The Fun Back In Work.

10. Never Give Up On Them.