LinkedIn Prostitutes: Ban on Prostitution May Be a Bit Hard to Enforce

LinkedIn apparently has another purpose apart from telling you how inadequate your profile is, and that’s selling professional escort services, massage services, and other euphemisms for prostitution. You could even list “prostitution” as a skill (though to be fair, you can almost list anything as a skill on LinkedIn, including “manslaughter”). The change was noted in LinkedIn’s privacy policy and user agreement. Now it explicitly bans escorts from using the site to obtain clients. 

You can be endorsed for this

Here are the changes in their original legal jargon:

"1. Even if it is legal where you are located, create profiles or provide content that promotes escort services or prostitution."

This might be a hard ban to enforce, especially considering that prostitution isn’t illegal in all countries. A cursory search of “escort nude massage” comes up with some interesting results. A note of caution: This might not be a search you want to do on a shared computer or in the middle of a coffee shop. 


LinkedIn has over 225 million members, and try as they may, no one has ever been successful in banning the world's oldest profession.