NAACP Leader Julian Bond Calls the Tea Party "the Taliban of America"


So earlier this week, former NAACP Chairman (from 1998 to 2010) Julian Bond said this:

Yeah. Right. The Tea Party is the “Taliban of America.” And the left claims the nuts are on the other side?

Whatever, I just rolled my eyes and ignored it. But he kept pushing. Appearing on Alan Colmes’ radio show later in the week, he went on to describe (in his mind) why the Tea Party is the “Taliban of America.”

“Well, think about it,” Bond said. “They’re hostile to women’s rights, so is the Taliban. They’re enraptured by a sort of Stalinist religion … in which they obey religious dogma that ordinary Christians don’t obey. In many ways they’re very much like the Taliban.”

Really? Really!?

Even Alan Colmes couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “We’re not fighting a physical war with them,” Colmes responded. “They’re not taking up arms against the United States. To really compare them with the Taliban, you’d have to go a little further, wouldn’t you?”

He sure did.

For starters, he claims the Tea Party is a “group of people who are admittedly racists.”

Um, which Tea Party group admitted that they were racists again? I must’ve been in deep outer space that week and missed it.

Then again, the racist card never seems to get old with the left. It always comes back to racism. Just ask Chris Matthews and Al Sharpton what’s fueling these recent scandals in the Obama White House:

White supremacy? Is this really what they tell themselves so they can sleep at night? The signs of panic and denial over these scandals are so evident on the far left, they’re trying to come up with anything they can to protect their hero. It reeks of desperation.

Then to go so far as to claim the Tea Party is “the Taliban of America,” this is the part that really makes me laugh. During the Tea Party protests of 2009 and 2010, the liberal mainstream media was combing through tons of footage, dying to find some act of violence or intimidation. The far left has been pushing the tired, baseless meme of “dangerous Tea Party violence” for years now, yet actual evidence of said violence has proven elusive.

Meanwhile, Occupy Wall Street protest:

WTO protest:

G20 protest:

NATO protest:

Union protest:

But you can’t find one video anywhere of anything like this at a Tea Party protest. Go ahead and try.

And I’m supposed to believe that the Tea Party is full of “violent extremists” who seek to overthrow the government through guerrilla warfare and bloodshed, just like the Taliban of Afghanistan. That they want women covered from head to toe, are against women learning how to read and write, and torture and disfigure women, just like the Taliban of Afghanistan. Oh, and that they’re full of Christians who subscribe to a “Stalinist religion,” just … like … the Taliban in Afghanistan …?

Clearly, Bond is out of his mind. What a fiscally responsible Constitutionalist movement has in common with an Islamic fundamentalist fighting force is beyond me. And for those of you who want to believe the Tea Party is full of these “crazy Christians” who are just as “dangerous” as Islamic fundamentalists, I never thought I’d say this, but I’m going to let Bill Maher finish this for me: