Memorial Day Weekend 2013: 12 Kick-Ass Things You Absolutely Need to Do This Summer


Here on the east coast, it felt like winter was never going to end. Finally, after a long time in hiding, the sun seems to have reappeared - and not a moment too soon.  On the brink of Memorial Day Weekend (aka the official kick off summer weekend), it's time to get those bikinis, white pants and summer playlists out, dust off the grill, maybe even invest in some new flip flops.  But before you hit the beach, pool, lake, rooftop, deck or wherever else it is you like to soak up the sun, be sure to check out this list of summer musts.

1. Go to an Outdoor Concert Or Music Festival

Bonnaroo, Fleetwood Mac, Ke$ha, Electric Daisy Carnival, Dave Matthews, One Direction, Phish: whatever your jam, see it outside.

2. Eat a Popsicle

Go ahead, make it with booze or get an old school firecracker from the ice cream truck at the beach. They are still just as good and just as messy as they were when you were eight.

3. Have a Bonfire

Be it on the beach, a fire pit in your backyard, or in the woods, just do it.  Nothing feels more like summer than a toasted marshmallow and the way faces glow in the firelight.

4. Drive With the Windows Down and Music Blasting

Remember how fun this was when you were 16? Still a dependable cheap thrill.

5. Wear Sunscreen

Wrinkles aren't cute. Self-tanner exists. What's the problem?

6. Go night swimming

This is a completely different activity than going swimming during the day. If you don't know the distinction, you have never gone night swimming. Every pool is just cooler when it's glowing in the dark, and the fact that the water is probably warmer than the air makes you never want to get out. And somehow it always feel like you are breaking the rules.

*Note: Spice it up by ditching the suit.  Skinny dipping is another long lost thrill.

7. Keep a Friendship Or Rope Bracelet On For the Whole Summer

It's just so whimsical and summery. It never gets old.

*Note: Here's how to make your own sailor rope bracelet.

8. Outdoor exercise

Run, walk, sail, bike, golf, ride, surf. Do any and all of it, just get out there and move. Take advantage of the warm weather — and not just by drinking Coronas on the beach (although definitely do that at some point too.)

9. Run Through the Sprinkler

No pool? No problem.

10. Grill Everything

Everything tastes like summer (and better) when it's grilled.

11. Go to a Farm Stand...

… and buy corn on the cob, tomatoes, berries, peaches, and anything else that looks delicious and fresh.  Then go home and make a perfect summer feast and eat it outside.

12. Jump Off a Lifeguard's Stand

Why? Because it's awesome.