Help Gawker Raise $200,000 to Buy the Rob Ford Crack Tape


Gawker has seen a crystal clear movie of Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine and they need you your help to pay for it. After the mayor of Toronto denied any of today's drug-related allegations, Gawker decided to take matters into its own hands and find a way to publish the video themselves. How will they raise the money to pay the owner of the video? With something they are calling a "crackstarter."

"We're using Indiegogo. We've set a target of $200,000, to be reached within 10 days. If we reach the target, we get the money. If we don't reach the target, you get your money back. If we do reach the target, we will pay the money to the people who have the video. They will give us the video. We will publish the video. You will watch the video," John Cook writes on Gawker.

The crackstarter has already raised $19,000 in a couple of hours so at this pace, it looks like we might be solving crack-gate pretty soon.

To be part of this noble cause, you can donate here

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