Bitcoin 2013: Winklevoss Twins Keynote Speech


Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss started out their keynote speech with a little bit of Bitcoin history, covering major landmarks like the mining of the genesis block, the first Bitcoin purchase, and the more recent buzz following the Cyprus bank crisis. 

They made the case that volatility has more to do with rapid adoption than Bitcoin being just a bubble. To support their argument, they showed how the Consumption Curve has significantly shortened in modern times, meaning the lag between early adoption and widespread use. They went on to highlight other technologies like the automobile that weren't taken seriously at first, but later gained ubiquity. 

The pair also emphasized the need to bring Bitcoin into the light and create an ecosystem for Bitcoin users with clear standards for everyone. 

They closed by emphasising the vast potential for providing financial services to the poor and in general the benefits of removing an entire set of middle men from the global funds transfer sector.