World Whiskey Day: Celebrate it Today, Because Ron Swanson Said So


Had a bad start to your Saturday? Well, one way to make it better is by celebrating World Whiskey Day, which, you guessed it, is today. Despite the somewhat overwhelming proliferation of days and months for celebrating or marking almost anything at the moment, this one is legitimately awesome: an excuse, not that you needed one anyway, to drink more whiskey. I myself only started getting into whiskey in the last few years, but living with a generous Scotsman with a disposable income and a taste for fine whiskey definitely helped.

University of Aberdeen student Blair Bowman apparently came up with the idea for World Whiskey Day last year when he decided whiskey was being left out by not having a day to celebrate it like other drinks do. Poor whiskey. So today you can help whiskey feel less left out by drinking some. The World Whiskey Day website also has a handy list of whiskey cocktails you can try if you don't want to have it straight. Personally, I like the sound of the Whisky Smash:

Image credit: World Whisky Day

There are various events around the world to celebrate whiskey today. I for one just plan to go to my favourite whiskey bar, Noorman's Kil in Brooklyn, NY. (Neat please. Although occasionally a rock or two can be nice.) Not only does it have a great selection of whiskies from around the world, but it also has free tastings once a week and great grilled cheeses. Whiskey and grilled cheese is a pretty awesome combination, especially if bacon is involved:

Image credit: Meme Generator

And don't worry, celebrating World Whiskey Day doesn't mean that you can't still accomplish a lot today:

Image credit: Tumblr

According to the World Whiskey Day website, the "The term 'whisky' derives originally from the Gaelic 'uisge beatha,' or 'usquebaugh,' meaning 'water of life.'" Sounds about right to me.

Let me know what your favourite whiskey is in the comments below.