Scottish Independence From Britain Isn't Independence At All


The Scots should have learned by now that it would be devastating for their economy if they were to leave the U.K., and seek independence from the Crown. Not only would they no longer receive the benefits that are already given to them by the English, but they would remain a member of the European Union, which strips sovereignty from all member states. Hence, it's a farce for anyone to state that independence from Britain is even independence at all.

It's clear that the shackles the Scots wear will stay on until they seek full independence from the European Union. Only then will the Scots who argue for independence, have any credibility whatsoever in regards to their arguments in favor of being a completely self-governing nation.

At present, the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) is running a campaign of lies in regards to leaving the U.K. Time and time again they state that leaving will bring about freedom that they have never experienced under British rule. This cannot be further from the truth. It's imperative for the general public to understand that more than 75% of Britain's laws are made not by the Parliament in Westminster, but by the Eurocrats in Brussels, of which the overwhelmingly majority, in fact more than 90%, don't even hail from the U.K.

Can anyone truly put any faith in Alex Salmond (the leader of the SNP), who deliberately states misinformation, and argues that Scotland must stay in the European Union to ensure that it's competitive in the world? The answer is no, for the fact of the matter is that Scotland has become less competitive, and until they leave the European Union, they won't be competitive with the rest of the world, and will have no credibility when it comes to making any case about independence from the English, Welsh, and Northern Irish.

This past Thursday, in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, the leader of the U.K. Independence Party, Nigel Farage, went to a pub for a press conference he was holding about a by-election for the Scottish Parliament. Interestingly enough, he was ambushed by scores of Scottish nationalist misfits who called him a racist, a bigot, scum, and an array of other absurd abuses. Nonetheless, after the police arrived, and the protesters prevented a taxi from taking Farage away, the police brought in a riot van to escort the esteemed UKIP leader away from the rabble. 

Without a doubt, this proved that Scottish Nationalists will do whatever it takes to squash any opposition against their misinformed policies, which in turn would make Scotland poorer, and more dependent on the European Union than ever.

Britain prevails.