Eurovision 2013: 5 Songs You Must Hear


This past Saturday, the Eurovision Song Contest held its Grand Finale in Malmö, Sweden, home to 2012 winner, Loreen.

In case you've never heard of Eurovision before, don't sweat it. It's essentially European American Idol, except with more politics and theatrics. With it being one of the largest non-sporting events watched in the world, Eurovision is an annually held singing competition where each country sends in its best talent in the hopes of securing the title of Eurovision victor. In tradtion, the singer from the winning country is then designated to host next year's competition. 

Emmelie De Forest from Denmark, with her entry "Only Teardrops," cinched win for this year and the hosting title for 2014. But here are five other songs from this year's contest that are also worth a listen.

There's a mix of everything — from indebted Greece boozing it up, to questionably Dracula-inspired opera dubstep and a certain kind of kiss that caused Turkey to cancel its broadcasting of Eurovision. Check them out below. 

1. Greece

Koza Mostra and Agathon Iakovidis, "Alcohol Is Free"


2. Romania 

Cezcar, "It's My Life"

3. Moldova 

Aliona Moon, "O Mie"

4. France

Amandine Bourgeois, "L'Enfer Et Moi"

5. Finland 

Krista Siegfrids, "Marry Me"