Kanye West 'SNL': Rapper Debuts 'New Slaves' Music Video, 'Black Skinhead' (VIDEO)


Kanye West was the musical guest on the season finale of Saturday Night Live and his performance left a lot of people speechless. West opted out of the traditional SNL music promo clips, the ones that are taken of the artist getting ready before they actually sing. Instead, he stood there looking at the camera. When he did perform the entire stage was dimly lit, mostly black except for the giant screen projecting images that were symbolically linked to this lyrics. Even if you missed SNL, chances are you still might have seen Kanye last night without even knowing. 

During his performance he projected the video from his new song “New Slaves” in 10 cities worldwide. He didn’t project them onto a screen though, instead they appeared on the sides of buildings, some 66 different buildings in all. There was no warning that the video was going to be premiered, it just started playing. 

Chicago's Wrigley Field:

Bedford St. Brooklyn, NY

The Atlantic reports that while the video was being projected onto the Prada store in New York City, Kanye had secretly joined the audience that had formed to watch everyone watch his video. The video was released hours before Kanye's performance on SNL. 


"New Slaves" SNL performance:

On stage, Kanye was filled with an energy that is hard to explain. It emanated from the TV screen. He performed two songs, both with political and social messages behind them. The first song he performed was called “Black Skinhead.” Yes, Kanye West performed a song called "Black Skinhead" on live television and it was amazing. 

Both songs are from his upcoming album “Yeezus” set to be released on June 18.