Adam Kokesh: Arrested At Marijuana Rally in Philadelphia


Adam Kokesh, Iraq veteran, self-professed anarcho-capitalist, and man who is planning an armed march on Washington D.C. was arrested in Philadelphia on Saturday for his role in “Smoke Down Prohibition.” Smoke Down Prohibition is an event where people gather and smoke pot in an effort to prove some kind of point. Kokesh has been at all four other Smoke Down Prohibition events. This of course isn't the first time he has been arrested. By now, you would think the police would understand that Kokesh wants nothing more than to be arrested. What other more effective form of self-promotion for his cause is there?

Why Kokesh was arrested isn’t exactly clear. That’s what upset so many of his friends on Facebook who insist that Kokesh wasn’t involved in smoking pot or any other illegal substance that day. For now, all that anyone really knows is that he is being held in a federal prison and will apparently be facing a judge on Monday. His friends have been posting to his Facebook on his behalf:


Here's video of the arrest: