Kristen Stewart Rob Pattinson: 'Twilight' Couple Breaks Up


It's been quite a year for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, the A-list actors who fell in love on the set of Twilight in 2008. Many thought they couldn't survive last year's major cheating scandal, which involved K-Stew traipsing around with a married man, but the two made amends before the release of the fifth and final Twilight film last fall.

Remember this magazine cover? 


Though the act of infidelity might have brought them together in some ways, the two are reportedly done for good now. Insiders told Us Weekly that the pair broke things off around the time of Pattinson's May 13 birthday, as they'd been "fighting a lot" and "having problems." What, they didn't think to try couple's therapy? Well, they'd been dating for a long time, so perhaps they were just over it already ... or last year's highly-publicized cheating scandal wasn't as easy for them to overcome as they expected.

My theory is that they may have gotten back together in the public eye partially to promote the final Twilight installment and chose to call it quits a few months after its release. We may never know, but this is certain: Twilight is officially over now. Twi-hards, it's time to let go of the dead (but memorable) franchise. K-Stew and Pattinson are moving on with their lives, and you should too. 

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