Anonymous Vows to Go After West Virginia Man Who Allegedly Sodomized 2-Year-Old


Anonymous relaunched Operation Innocence this week after Weirton, West Virginia's Tyler Graham was released into the community until his next court appearance date in September. Anonymous issued a press release today threatening the presiding judge and the town of Weirton to promptly prosecute Graham.

Anonymous may be a factious organization but they have been united in their targeting of people who abuse children. The campaign centers around the horrifying rape of a 2-year-old girl earlier this year. Baby Jane, as she is being referred to by Anonymous, contracted a sexually transmitted disease as a result of the brutal sodomy by Graham, 19.

It is society's responsibility to rain hell-fire until justice is served against people who commit these disgusting crimes without adequate punishment. The crime was only discovered when Baby Jane's mother, who is also Graham's girlfriend, took the little girl around January 29 to the pediatrician mistaking the venereal warts for a diaper rash. Anonymous' decision to go after this horrifying crime is worthy of attention and praise even if I do not always agree with the tactics they deploy. 

Anonymous had launched Operation Innocence in February when the case first came to their attention after Graham was released on a $50,000 bond on February 19th. 60 Anonymous members were "warmly welcomed" by Hancock County Sheriff Ralph Fletcher and his Chief Deputy during their protest at the Hancock County Courthouse. Graham violated his bond and was arrested again less than a week after the Anonymous rally.

This week's release of Graham without a trial date has outraged Anonymous and prompted the relaunch of Operation Innocence. They address Weirton government directly in their press release: "Do the right thing by your citizens immediately or read about your errors in every media outlet in the country. This is non-negotiable. Operation Innocence is re-engaged."

Anonymous has also threatened the presiding judge that allowed Graham to be set free without a trial date and Baby Jane's mother for purportedly continuing to interact with Graham after his release:

In the age of the internet, small towns like Weirton or Steubenville can very quickly get catapulted to the national and even global stage because of incidents like these. We are experiencing a rising solidarity against sexual violence around the world but that is only effective if every crime gets highlighted, shouted down, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the laws of the courts and public opinion.

Even though Weirton's laws may be decided by the Hancock County Courthouse, public opinion is dominated by the Internet on a global scale. And Anonymous is very effective at the latter.

Here is the full press release by Anonymous: