Billboard Awards 2013: Taylor Swift Performs '22' For First Time Ever

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling "22" as I watch Taylor Swift's performance of "22" at the Billboard Awards ceremony. She really knows how to rock high-waisted shorts without looking like a mom! Plus, I gotta show some love for my fellow tall, lanky lady.

Introduced by best friend Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift is performing "22" for the first time ever at the event, which is held in Vegas' awesome MGM Grand. Not only do I want to be in Sin City now, but listening to good ol' T-Swift in the hot desert. Take me with you next time, Taylor! Love ya.

In case you don't follow T-Swift obsessively, her song "22" is about one's early 20s. "We're happy, free, confused, lonely at the same time," the song goes. I'm nearly 25 and I still feel the same way! Maybe her next song could be, "24, couldn't ask for more." Hey, 24 is definitely better than 22. Get ready for a whole lot more fun, Taylor.