This Brilliant GIF Previews the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary


With the Obama administration engulfed in a conservative-dreamt perfect trifecta of scandals — Benghazi, IRS and the AP — the nation's attention is focused not on which policies (or lack thereof) led to these allegations, but on who will come out defeated and humiliated on the other end once We the People have the next chance to cast our judgment from the voting booth. And, while Republicans are going the extra mile to cast the Obama administration as lying or incompetent, or both (not to damage the current president but to diminish former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's chances in 2016), politics aficionados on both sides of the aisle are using Benghazi to plot the potential outcome of the next presidential election: Will she run? And if so, will she be able to defeat Republicans Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and/or Paul Ryan? More importantly, who will be the other Democrats who will dare to challenge the popular former senator and Secretary of State (and what would their strategy be)? This brilliant BuzzFeed GIF previews some of those answers. Let the games begin! 

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