These 4 GIFs Pretty Much Sum Up the Nightmare That Was the 2013 Billboard Awards

The Billboards are supposed to be lame. Turn on the TV. Listen to all the music the Illuminati wants you to hear. Watch a couple tampon advertisements in between. Nobody gets hurt. Unfortunately, for a certain young lady named Khyati, the awards show/hegemonic power could only deliver on 3 out of 4 of those promises. Luckily, the visual tinkerers of the web quickly picked up on the lol-iest moments converted them to GIFs, hooray for low-quality, silent video loops!

1. Miguel crushes two women with his crotchular region...

In a misguided attempt to jump from one stage to another, Miguel suplexed two unsuspecting women between his legs.

2. ... But Then They Made Up After the Show

It must be considered a compliment in certain cultures.

3. Kid Rock Calls Out the Lip-Synchers

The rock-rap/country crossover artist who is famous for having no talent, ironically enough, keeps it real by calling everyone else out for lip synching. The crowd didn't catch the sarcasm, and cheered loudly as if he said whatever he was supposed to say.

4. Taylor Swift Is Disgusted With Selena Gomez Kissing Justin Bieber

Taylor Swift reacts to Jelena's smooch with a tongue-sticking "ew gross" expression, thus solidifying her image as a permanently gawkward, judgy pre-teen.