"Hero Cop" Now in Jail After Allegedly Raping 2 Women At Gunpoint


When you see a police officer being honored by the White House and seated right next to Michelle Obama during a presidential address, you probably don't expect him to eventually land in jail after allegedly raping two women at gun point wouldn't you?

Well this just actually happened. 

Philadelphia police officer Richard DeCoatsworth originally was given hero status after being shot in the face during a traffic stop in 2007. Despite his injury, he managed to chase down the suspect and land him in jail. Now, the former "hero cop" is the one who's behind bars.

According to USA Today, the 27-year-old cop has been arrested on on 32 charges including rape, sexual assault, terroristic threats, promotion of prostitution and human trafficking "for two cases involving alleged heinous acts against women." The first occurred last Thursday when he left a party and brought two women to another location where he forced them to engage in sexual acts and take narcotics. 

"Once he arrived, DeCoatsworth forced that woman and a second woman, both in their 20s, to use drugs and perform oral sex on him at gunpoint, according to the source. The alleged victims reported the assault Friday only after DeCoatsworth went home, according to police," reports USA Today.

The second case involves DeCoatsworth's girlfriend, who he allegedly abused on May 9. If we count all those charges, the former officer is now sitting on a $60 million bail, one of the most highest amounts in Philadelphia history.  

During his time in the force, he accumulated nine citizen reports accusing him of "assault, abuse and misconduct." In 2009, he was investigated after someone complained that he had fired shots near children and had acted recklessly during a traffic stop. DeCoatsworth ended up retiring in 2011 due to disability. 

Let's just hope no one has $60 million lying around until this man's legal investigation is over.

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