Jodi Arias LIVE Stream: Arias to Speak Today During Death Penalty Phase


The death penalty phase of the trial of Jodi Arias resumes on Monday at 1pm in Phoenix (Eastern time). Arias has been found guilty of murder in the first degree of her boyfriend Travis Alexander. In June 2008, Arias stabbed Alexander nearly 30 times and shot him in the face. Her attorneys argued self-defense, and presented expert testimony alleging Arias suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, and that she had been the victim of emotional and physical abuse — including sexual — at the hands of Alexander. In the end, the jury found the testimony unconvincing. 

Last week the jury heard victim impact statements from the siblings of Alexander, Steven and Samantha. Arias is expected to take the stand today. She has previously stated that she would prefer the death penalty. The jury is expected to begin deliberations this week.