Justin Bieber Billboard Milestone Award: Let Him Gloat About Winning


Despite his strong following, Justin Bieber might be one of the most hated pop stars around right now. Olivia Wilde thinks he needs to put his shirt on, Taylor Swift makes faces at him, and some say he's just a total brat

The Canadian singer didn't dispel these stereotypes when he accepted the Billboard Milestone award speech on Sunday night, but negative opinions on Bieber aside, he's one of the most accomplished musical figures of our time, and he had every right to acknowledge his success onstage.

"I'm 19-years-old," Bieber said upon taking in the immense applause and cheering from the audience (there was some booing as well, but I'll get to that in a moment). "I think I'm doing a good job ... This is not a gimmick. I'm an artist ... and I need to be respected for that."

Of course, this didn't set well with certain critics, and a lot of people jeered at him. It's easy to view this passing remark as gloating, and while many people don't like being reminded that they will never see a fraction of the success that Bieber has experienced before even reaching the legal drinking age in the U.S., he's allowed to be happy about his win. 

Let me remind you that none of Bieber's success was just handed to him. Born to an unwed teen mother with a troubled background, he lived on welfare growing up and became what he is today based on talent, persistence, and hard work, not connections or having a ton of money like so many stars forced upon us toda. Can't we celebrate Bieber's inspirational Cinderella story for a second?

A kid who came from little made something big of himself, and not only does he feel redeemed, but thankful for his friends and family. Bieber, who is known to give fans love on Twitter, went on in his speech:

"I want to thank my manager, Scooter Braun. I want to thank my family at home. I want to thank my mother, my father, I wanna thank Jesus Christ. Mom, I love you so much. Dad, I love you. Little brother and sister, I love you so much. Thank you guys so much. Fans, you're incredible."

Bieber, I'm never going to know what it's like to be you, but I think it's pretty awesome that you've achieved so much at such a young age. You are doing well for a 19-year-old, and you have every right to recognize that. 

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