Live Blog: Middle East Coverage from JStreet's National Conference


Note: From Saturday, February 26th to Monday March 1st, JStreet hosted a conference of over 2,300 people across Washington, DC about Israel-Palestine and the Middle East. JStreet is a "pro-Israel, pro-peace movement" based in Washington, D.C. PolicyMic was able to obtain press access to attend the conference, and PolicyMic Contributing Writer Mark Donig compiled the following live blog as he listened to an address on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East delivered at a Plenary Sessoin by Dennis Ross, a seasoned MIddle East diplomat who currently serves as one of Obama's Middle East advisers. The following post was compiled on the morning of Monday, February 28th.

9:05 am

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Ross has given symbolic, political, and ideological reasons justifying continued aid to Egypt. He says the military is "committed" to continuing the change that Egypt is currently undergoing. 

9:23 am

Ross tells the crowd: the Obama administration remains committed to an "unshakable commitment" to Israel's security.

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"While the door will always remain open to diplomacy,” Iran must understand that its “attempts to obfuscate will only result in increased pressure.” 

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1.     Push for stability and reform

Notably absent from Ross’ remarks was a discussion of developments in Lebanon and Syria or any acknowledgement of the failure of the Middle East peace process with the U.S. as a mediator.

9:38 am

Ross also makes the argument that the PA in the West Bank has made a real effort at domestic reform, real good governance, and transparency.

Photo Credit: Jake Horowitz