Bat Mitzvah Chaperone's Abusive Explicit-Heavy Rant Traumatizes Boys


An expletive-laced threatening rant from a drunken Bat Mitzvah chaperone has left several young boys traumatized. The incident, which occurred Saturday night in Scarsdale, New York, has drawn the ire of several of the boys’ parents. The rant began when one of the boys had thrown something towards the front of the bus, behavior typical for children of that age. What followed was a clear overreaction from the chaperone during which he threatened the lives of the boys by saying, “Do it again, and you’re dead! One more time, you will die, you will bleed out of your fucking nose! That’s right, I’m spitting in your fucking eye! Ever do that again and you will die, got it? Death! You fuck! You spoiled fuck! ... Welcome to my world, you fuck. How do you feel now?"

An email was sent to parents the following morning from the parents that had hosted the Bat Mitzvah, but they failed to issue a direct apology for the man’s behavior and for his inebriated state. The email justified the rant as a result of safety issues that could have arisen from thrown projectiles, but did state that “we are very sorry if any of your children were upset by what happened.” 

Parents of the children on the bus do not appear to have been appeased by the half-hearted apology. Many are wondering why a man in such a state was allowed to chaperone the group of boys. Listen to the NSFW rant below if you dare.

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