Moore Tornado Deaths: 30 Moore Elementary School Students Feared Dead After Tornado Rips Through Oklahoma City


Amidst the destruction unfolding in Moore, the Plaza Towers Elementary school was hit by the mile-wide tornado as class was still in session, destroying the school and killing dozens of young children.

KFOR's Lance West is reporting that "search and rescue said there don’t appear to be any more survivors at Plaza Towers Elementary. Seven children’s bodies were removed from the school, and they believe 20 to 30 more children may be inside, but do not believe there are any more survivors."

The town is now bringing in search and rescue dogs and portable light so they can continue the search and recovery efforts into the night.

Multiple schools have been hit in Moore, ranging from elementary schools to high schools. Initial reports suggested that all the kids in the elementary school had made it out with only minor injuries. But, this is a heart-breaking development.

Even amidst this devastation, the specter of severe weather has not yet left the Sooner State. New tornado watches and warnings are popping up in Eastern Oklahoma and the super cells are still punishing the plains.

As a kid in Oklahoma, I remembered the drill we would go through every spring in practice for a situation like this. We would go out into the halls and crouch down. I was never faced with a real tornado threat as a child, as such I remember never really grasping the gravitas of the situation.

Now as an adult, my heart does nothing but break. I cannot fathom the pain these families are going through, nor can I grasp what the town of Moore will face in the coming days. All I know is that the last days I was going to spend in Norman before my lease was up will now be spent donating blood and volunteering. I simply must do anythbing I can to help.

A Moore area father, Jeff Lechus, captured this video while picking up his son from school:

And on YouTube, the massive devastation of the tornado is being brought to light: