5 Things That Are As Big As the Oklahoma Tornado


Oklahoma's tornado was one of the worst storms to ever hit American soil. Its path of destruction has been estimated to be two miles wide and 22 miles long. Reports on the ground are comparing the storm to a "two-mile-wide lawn-mover blade" that destroyed everything in its path.

It's a distance that's so large, it's actually unfathomable to most people. Here are five ways to understand how wide the eye of the storm was while it was pulverising everything in sight. 


1. All Of Chelsea, New York.

The twister's width was the size of Chelsea in New York City, from 14th St to 34th St and 5th Ave to 10th Ave.

2. More Than 35 Football Fields.

The girth of the storm was the size of 35.2 football fields put together.

3. 71 White Houses Put Together.

You'd have to line-up the White House's entire propriety 71 times to match the width of the twister.

4. 65 Olympic Pools Lined Up.

If the storm was measured with 50 meter-long Olympic pools, it would take about 65 of them to make up the size of the tornado.

5. Almost 10 Times The Height Of The Eiffel Tower.

You would need to line up almost ten Eiffel towers to reach the massive girth of the twister.