Tim Cook Testimony: Senator Kelly Ayotte Continues Tax Reform Talk And Bring Up IP Troubles


A growing theme coming out this hearing from both sides of the aisle and from Apple CEO Tim Cook is recognition that some kind of tax reform should be pursued.

Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) continued on the line of questioning that Senator Claire McCaskill (R-Mo.) started, focusing her questioning mostly on tax reform and what Apple CEO Tim Cook recommended for tax reform. CEO Tim Cook stated his opposition to a temporary tax holiday that has been talked about by other member of the committee such as Senator Rand Paul (R-K.Y.)

She then proceeded to ask about difficulties that Apple has had defending its IP in foreign countries such as China, which has seen IP theft to the level of fake Apple stores. As you remember, earlier in the testimony Apple admitted to keeping the legal IP rights to take advantage of the U.S. IP system and court system.