Sarah Palin Has Officially Proved Global Warming Does Not Exist


The most impressive political and social commentary of our time has always come from former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin. For years, we have known Palin for her acute geopolitical awareness and impressive social commentary. Like most Americans, we've just been waiting for her to offer a definitive opinion about global warming. Here it is everyone! Sarah Palin finally offers proof that global warming doesn't exist through one photo:

Sarah Palin has always demonstrated her willingness to bravely express an opinion devoid of scientific fact or backing of any kind. She's been a true pioneer in the fight to plunder the Earth's resources as quickly as humanly possible. Thankfully, Palin has illuminated one of the best arguments that climate change deniers have in their arsenal of delusion. 

"It snowed, therefore global warming doesn’t exist."

This concept has apparently proved a difficult one for Ms. Palin to grasp, so here's a 90 second video to explain it.

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