Eesha Khare: California Teen Invents Life-Changing Instant Phone Charger

Prepare to have your mind blown.

SFGate reports that a teenager from Saratoga, Calif., has invented a device that instantly charges our cell phones. Is this not the coolest thing ever?! All I can say is this: What took so long?

Eesha Khare created the tiny gizmo and was honored for it at an international science fair. This device, called the "super-capacitator" charges a phone in 20-30 seconds.

The super-capacitator is cheaper to make and more environmentally friendly than standard batteries. Better-yet, this tiny device could fit inside phone batteries and charge your phone for up to 10,000 charge cycles — compared to standard batteries which last about 1,000 cycles.

This technology could be used for laptops and even car batteries once developed.

Khare received $50,000 and the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award for her accomplishment.