1.8 Million Dead People Registered to Vote in 2012: Do We Need Voter ID Laws?


Voting, and the right to vote, has a long and heavily discriminatory past in America. First, only white people were allowed to vote, then men, then 21-yearolds, then everybody 18 and up. Now, for every legally-considered adult American citizen, voting is universally accepted as a constitutional right. There's a rub, however.

With an estimated 1.8 million dead people registered to vote, a conversation that is on the table for many is the  question of the use of voter ID laws. Should we all be forced to display valid IDs to vote? I say, in short, no.

The fact that the 1.8 million dead registered voters dilute the actual reults is unfortunate, but what is more unfortunate is the government's watching of every American citizen to ensure the valid use of a constitutional right. Laws like this open the door to all sorts of tyrranny. If you must carry ID to engage in this right, then what other "rights" do you have? Why wouldn't a government be able to break up a political protest and check for the ID to ensure that those protesters have the right to peacably assemble? Why don't they raid factories that publish books to ensure that those publishers have the right to free press? In fact, why not just arrest anyone without their wallet on them? They would obviously be unable to prove their right to due process.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you 1984, a society where you are constantly under the thumb of Big Brother. A social structure bent on denying you your rights and freedoms at every possible turn. A nation of sheep, owned by pigs. First they will come for your representative voice, then they will attack you in your non-represented state. This is what happens when you sacrifice liberty for "security."

I have a different, less invasive solution. Why doesn't the same body responsible for discovering this disturbing trend find itself in the employ of the Registrar of Voters, filtering these zombie voters before they happen on a ballot? Why don't we put the responsibility of regulagting these government offices on these government officials? Why do we necessitate the violation of citizens' constitutional rights by citing a clerical error within the walls of a government beaurocracy?

This all seems like a ruse, designed to placate the majority of Americans for the minority of fraud. Where we employ them, they will tax us further to further their monopoly of force. This kind of thinking has to be stopped.

Before it's too late. 

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons