Dutch TV Host Drinks From Woman's Breast On Air (Video)


Dutch TV is known for its rather colorful programming, from airing acts of cannibalism to whatever happened in this video, there are just different standards for entertainment in the Netherlands. The Dutch show Langs de Leeuw may have offended even those standards with this particular stunt

The primetime Saturday night show is hosted by Paul de Leeuw. This weeks program included a panel of women from a local charity who provide breast milk to those unable to produce milk on their own. The women were interviewed by de Leeuw with breast pumps whirring as milk poured fourth from their bosom. The interview quickly went in a direction that not even the audience could have anticipated. 

De Leeuw had been speaking with one of the woman involved with the charity, Wendy. She had been demonstrating how to use a dual breast pump. During the interview de Leeuw had inquired about the flavor of the milk, he was particularly interested in knowing whether or not the milk was sweet. He then decided that the best way to figure this out would be to ask Wendy if he could sample her milk.

To the shock of the audience, Wendy agreed to it and removed her breast pump. When one of the woman offered de Leeuw a bottle of milk he declined and said he preferred to sample straight "from the source." 

To the absolute horror of the audience the host bent over and suckled on Wendy's nipples. After sampling the milk, de Leeuw made some observations about which breast produced the finer tasting product, "I find the second one better tasting, but I can taste that you've eaten asparagus yesterday." 

Did this actually happen on TV? Yes. Yes, it did and here it is. Thought you should be forewarned it is about as NSFW as NSFW gets.  

Some things, you just cannot unsee and this is one of them.