Obamacare: Watch These Nurses Describe the Benefits Of Health Care Reform in 90 Seconds


As 2014 nears, do you know what you will be receiving from the Affordable Care Act when it takes full effect? Chances are you haven’t had the time to thumb through the 906 pages of the law but thanks to the nurses at the SEIU Nurse Alliance, you can learn your benefits in under 90 seconds.

The nurses highlight the top ways that the Affordable Care Act protects you from companies that put the security of your health in danger. Before the act was voted into law in 2010, American families were often left with uncertainty about their health insurer’s ability to remove or deny their care.

Today, however, companies can no longer discriminate based on your previous health, age, or gender. Women can no longer be charged more than men for the same coverage, and children cannot be denied coverage. In addition to this reinforced security, the law seeks to step up preventative care by including this coverage for no additional cost and extending the age limit for young adults to stay on their parents' coverage. By adapting to changing college demographics and increased rates of preventative disease, the Affordable Care Act provides consumers with more secure health coverage.

The law is set to take full effect next year, and will prevent against the “worst insurance company abuses” that could directly affect your pocket and your health. While the nurses mention these benefits, Americans will most importantly be gaining the security and consistency that come from guaranteed access to health care.