11 Most Cringeworthy NFL Player Endorsements


When companies need to reach out to male adult consumers they often turn to NFL superstars. Sometimes the link is obvious, such as the multiple Nike and Under Armor endorsements and the awesome Reebok "pick me" campaign. But sometimes, like with Joe Flacco's gummy bear endorsement, the link isn't quite as clear. Here are the top 11 most unexpected, unusual, embarrassing, and just plain awkward NFL player endorsements.

1. Joe Flacco For Haribo Gummy Bears

Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens QB: Although nothing has come from this deal yet, it deserves a mention in anticipation the Super Bowl commercial that will surely move this to #1.

2. Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith For Bojangles

Jake Delhomme and Steve Smith, Carolina Panthers QB & RB: As someone who lives in North Carolina I get it, there’s nothing like a Bojangles chicken biscuit … I just don't see where the exploding footballs fit in.

3. Joe Montana For Skechers

Joe Montana, San Francisco 49ers QB: I doubt Montana's sold a single pair of shoes, but worth watching over and over again for the Ronnie Lott cameo.

4. Drew Brees For NyQuil

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints QB: Who knew a voiceover could make cold symptoms so dramatic?

5. The Manning Brothers For Oreo

Peyton and Eli Manning, Denver Broncos and NY Giants QBs: The Oreo commercial is painful to watch, but thankfully it's only 30 seconds long.

6. The Manning Brothers For DirecTV

The Football Cops absolutely compensate for the Oreo commercials. 

7. Tom Brady For Uggs

Tom Brady, NE Patriots QB: Must be rookie hazing; I don’t see any other context in which football players, or any guys for that matter, should buy each other Uggs. 

8. Terry Bradshaw For Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem appears to have spiked Bradshaw's meals with laughing gas ... no other explanation exists for a guy being this excited about a diet.

9. Jimmy Johnson For ExtenZe Male Enhancement

Jimmy Johnson, Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins Coach: I will sadly never be able to forget hearing a football legend say "Go long with extenze… I do."

10. Ray Lewis For RL52 Sleeved Blanket

Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens LB: I kid you not, he took a Snuggie, put his number on it, and used it to promote RL52, his custom line of clothing.

11. Rob Gronkowski For Gronk Flakes

Rob Gronkowski, NE Patriots TE: Yup, Gronk has his own cereal, but don’t worry, this isn’t an ego trip (see #2), it's actually to raise money for the Gronk National Youth Foundation, an organization to benefit kids interested in playing sports. ESPN hinted at Gronk Flakes in this Monday Night Football Commercial.