LA Mayor Race 2013: Low Turnout Likely To Be Key Factor in Contest


A major question that is emerging in political junkies minds as they tune into the Los Angeles Mayoral Race is the question of low voter turnout. Estimates put today’s turnout at one in five voters, 20%. However this would be an improvement over 2009’s voting turnout, which saw only 17% of eligible voters vote in the election. Such low turnout figure mean that every vote will count and that both candidates are attempting to contact their supporters rather then marginal voters, as the reward over 2 100% voting over 5 20% maybe voter voters is immense.

City Controller Wendy Greuel was getting out the vote today.

So was City Council President Eric Garcetti.

Every vote is going to count so the campaigns are attempting to drum up turnout among their voting bases in the final hours of the campaign.