Prop C: The Latest In The Debate Over Citizens United


Besides deciding who the next Mayor of Los Angeles will be, today’s election will also have several citywide propositions to be voted on. One of the more interesting ones is Proposition C. Proposition C would make the city of Los Angeles argue that Citizens United, the controversial 2010 Supreme Court decision, to be reversed.

Citizens United massively reduced the restriction on campaign contributions in elections. Organizers claim that this massive increase the power and influence of those with deep pockets such as the Koch brothers’ dark money groups such as Americans For Prosperity who spent $36.7 million during the November 2012 elections. At a conservative retreat to strategize for the election the Koch brothers vowed with other wealthy conservative individuals to pledge $100 million to defeat Barack Obama, which was ultimately unsuccessful.

While it has no legal power, similar propositions have passed in Colorado and Montana. The idea is to get the critical momentum to force Congress to act by passing a Constitutional Amendment. It is a long road but the movement to overturn Citizens United has not seen very many defeats thus far. But time will tell if the critical mass and public outcry can be built up.