Los Angeles Mayoral Election Polls: Eric Garcetti is the Clear Frontrunner


The electoral polls for the Los Angeles Mayoral Race have showed one thing has remained constant; City Council President Eric Garcetti is the frontrunner ahead of City Controller Wendy Greuel. Of the handful of times this race was polled he has constantly held a lead. However polling in off cycle elections can have trouble compensating for low turnout, an expected outcome in this election, so a surprise may occur.

The last poll by SurveyUSA before voting starts had Garcetti up 5 points over Greuel, 49% to 44%. A USC/LA Times poll also found a similar result, with Garcetti up 48% to 41%.

The last poll in which you find Greuel up is a Brown/Cal State poll that has her up 1 point, 46% to 45%. A previous SurveyUSA poll had the race tied but the next one had Garcetti up.

Of course polls have been wrong before, as in the South Carolina special election, which saw Mark Sanford crush Elizabeth Colbert-Busch despite polling being against him. But until the votes are counted we can only guess if these models are correct.