Los Angeles Mayoral Race: Despite Record Breaking Spending, Voter Turnout Expected to be Low


As was state earlier in this liveblog turnout was expected to low for this election for mayor. Although the polls are still open the Los Angeles Times is reporting that turnout will be low,

“There were more parents than voters trickling into South L.A.'s 107th Street Elementary School, where two precincts were located. Even the flow of airplanes flying into Los Angeles International Airport were more consistent than the voters.

Poll workers said they hadn't noticed a change in voter turnout from the last primary. One of the precincts reported 49 ballots cast by 1 p.m.; the other had 26.”

Even though this mayoral campaign saw the candidates break spending records, with over $33 million spent in total, it will probably not nudge voter turnout higher then the first primary.